Coop Israel עברית

The National Council for Community Support

In order to realize the vision of Co-op Israel in the field of the social action, the National Council for Community Support was established whose goals are:

  • Community development activities in the neighborhoods with Co-op Israel branches.
  • To assist cultural, educational and social initiatives.
  • To support disadvantaged populations.
  • Develop partnerships with local institutions – schools, kindergartens, synagogues, youth groups, and seniors clubs that benefit the fabric of the local community.
  • Promote and create national partnerships In-line with Co-op Israel policy. 

The Council gives priority to initiatives that follow four guiding principles:

  • Initiatives that assume the cooperative spirit.
  • Initiatives that comes from the community (bottom-up).
  • Initiatives that have a long-term impact.
  • Meaningful social initiatives with a business impact.


The Council initiates activities with a relevance to neighborhood stores - developing innovative and creative ideas and allowing employees to participate in volunteering initiatives for the benefit of clients and the community.