Coop Israel עברית

Community and Us

As a cooperative established, owned and managed by its members for the benefit of its members - our ‘commitment to the community’ is a fundamental value that we strive to uphold across all areas of our activity.

This is a real commitment and not a changing fashion or fad - this is an essential part of the organization.

The cooperative is committed to caring for the community and society and this fundamental principle is expressed through our contribution to sustainable development.

Co-op Israel works toward realizing this goal, by advocating community activities that are designed to make the ‘corner shop’ a social hub and a focus of change and empowerment in the community.

Our management works on different levels:

Locally, each branch is active in its community and can designate a portion of the budget to the needs of the community.


Regionally and nationally we support various community activities as well as initiate strategic programs that promote cooperative values and aim to strengthen our society as a whole.



We have initiated and lead two major strategic programs.


Both were designed by the Co-op Community Relations Council and target young people – giving them the tools for personal growth – which are fundamental to the growth of cooperatives in Israel and the national economy.


The first program supports the ORT network for cooperative studies, the leading professional school network in Israel; the second assists young entrepreneurs across the country.


At a national and regional level, we support a number of educational institutions as part of our commitment to strengthening the community and in addition we:


Sponsor "Hapoel Jerusalem" a leading basketball team in a city with a historic connection to the co-op.

Provide food parcels for families in need prior to the holiday season.

Donate to the Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem which provides an exciting and educational experience for children and adults alike, from all sections of the population across the country.

At local level, each branch manages its own budget for community activities according to the guidelines set by the cooperative.


Most of these funds are donated to needy populations – individually or using local welfare departments or through local charitable institutes.


Organizations that benefit from these contributions:


  • Summit Institute – helping with mental illness
  • ‘Shalva’ Association – supporting disabled children and their families
  • Hadassah Ralbag fund
  • The Welfare Department of the Municipality of Maaleh Adumim and the local Women’s Council
  • The Welfare Department of the Municipality of Nahariya
  • The Welfare Department of the Givat Ze'ev Local Council
  • The Welfare Affairs Department of the Municipality of Modi'in-Maccabim-Re'ut
  • Community Center of Nave Yaakov in Jerusalem

Community Center of Pisgat Zeev in Jerusalem


Giving gift vouchers for Holocaust survivors