Coop Israel עברית

Past, Present and Future

Customers in one of Co-op first supermarkets
Co-op Jerusalem was first registered as a cooperative in the food sector in 1939.
From the founding of Co-op Jerusalem until the 1960s

Co-op Jerusalem was first registered as a cooperative in the food sector in 1939.

Three years later, the group formed the "Convenience Stores Association” in conjunction with the Housing Association.

This was based on the simple understanding of the need for housing for groups of employees of certain professions, ideologies or lifestyles.

In addition to the construction of apartments, the members bought a stake in the general store to where the tenants would shop. This cooperation increased purchasing power and maintained equality among members of the association.

In the years following the establishment of the State, the principal challenge was food security. In response, in 1949, the societies merged into the "Consumer Cooperative Union of Jerusalem" which allowed for the growth and expansion of the society in its range of its activities.

Customers next to Co-op Jerusalem branch, after the joining of other associations to the group

 As a result, the association saw a large growth in membership which reached 20,000 by the early 1960’s.

In 1968, two additional cooperative associations joined the group and the name was officially changed to “Co-op Jerusalem ". 


The 1970s to the late 20th century

After the austerity of the years following the declaration of the State of Israel and the recession of the mid-1960’s, there followed two decades of rapid growth.

New branches and practices were established and the small convenient store began to make way for the supermarket. Cash registers, electronic scales and the barcode all were introduced.

Despite this, there was an overall decline in the number of cooperatives operating in the 1980’s-1990’s as many were dismantled and sold.

The crisis culminated in the 1990’s and Co-op Jerusalem called for the dissolution of the association. However, many members took a different view and supported the strengthening of both the cooperative and the association.

Eventually it was decided that the Co-op’s would continue its activity within the association, and as a result, widen its activities by joining the International Cooperative Alliance and encourage new members.

 This expansion included opening new branches and adopting two revolutionary innovations. For the first time, the store opened outside of Jerusalem; and growth was driven by the acquisition of stores, supermarkets and small chain stores which were to be integrated into the existing structure.

As a result, the name of the association changed to Co-op Israel.

Co-op Israel: Present Day

Today, Co-op Israel is an active and dynamic cooperative which operates a successful retail chain across the country - from the Galilee to the Egyptian border and in major cities and Kibbutzim. 

To both members and the general public, Co-op Israel offers quality and competitive pricing whilst maintaining its values of sharing, helping others and an active role in community life. 

Co-op Israel operates and manages about 100 points of sale, has four subsidiary brands, employs more than 1,300 employees and is visited daily by tens of thousands of customers. 

Its annual revenue is above [billion NIS], and it’s the third largest neighborhood supermarket chain-store in Israel.