Coop Israel עברית


What is the SLA?

The SLA is a series of agreements, a ‘contract’ of sorts between the service providers and recipients. 

This document is designed to frame customer service expectations and the delivery capabilities of service providers. 

In addition, the SLA helps define the structure of the relationship between the organization and its stakeholders (customers, suppliers, employees) and ensure that organizational goals are realized.

The SLA defines and sets:

  • Clear and measurable service levels. 
  • The scope, content and terms of service that allow for the use of key performance indicators to measure quality and process improvements.
  • A binding framework in which vendor-client and intra-organizational relations (between management, employees and local branches) are clarified.
  • The principles by which all organizations function are aligned with the organizational goals as well as a commitment to success. 


The SLA of Co-op Israel

As signed in Jerusalem, 2012

The Cooperative Association of Co-op Israel, the retail operator of the Israel neighborhood ‘Co-op Shop’ has an organization-wide SLA to regulate the internal and external relationships based upon the business vision, objectives and values – which are based on cooperative principles.


Vision and Purpose

 The vision is based on the relationship with society members, customers and suppliers who are all partners for success and committed to five main areas of activity: 

  • Positioning the supermarket as a center of neighborhood life that combines commercial activity with deep community involvement.
  • Developing Co-op Israel as a leading Israeli cooperative and part of the International Cooperative Alliance and European cooperative community.
  • Combining community involvement and social responsibility with sustainable, profitable business practices.
  • Conducting outreach, advocacy and dialogue with the public and relevant stakeholder groups.
  • Innovative thinking and operational creativity as the basis for the management of the business.


A Commitment to Cooperative Values

As a leading consumer cooperative in Israel and member of the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA), European Cooperation Organization (EURO COOP) and the European Consumer Cooperatives (CCW), Co-Op Israel adopts and is committed to the principles and values of international cooperatives:

  • Solidarity and partnership in all business relationships with external parties and within the cooperative itself.
  • Working with both domestic and international cooperatives by providing a retail presence in Co-op Israel stores and to advise and support local consumer cooperatives based on Co-op Israel's experience.
  • To contribute to Israel's cooperatives, stating long term vision and goals for 2020. 
  • To take an active role in the global ambitions of cooperatives worldwide to reduce food waste and hunger: FOOD FOR EVERYONE. 
  • To operate and promote social businesses that support communities across Israel - focusing on areas where co-ops work in partnership with local municipalities.


Customer Service 

We are committed to the highest service levels and place our customers first. We understand their needs and expectations and take pride in providing value for money. 

In our branches throughout Israel, we are dedicated to provide the highest level of service for the benefit of our customers. We place an emphasis on transparent and truthful advertising, document every transaction and meet all laws and regulations when setting prices and selling fresh produce. 

We (the employees and managers) maintain a commitment and are accountable to the strict codes of practice that we expect of ourselves.


Suppliers, Service Providers and Business Activities 

A fundamental condition for any joint venture undertaken with partners, service providers or suppliers is to abide by the spirit of the cooperative and the rights of the consumer. 

All business partners of Co-op Israel are committed to provide their customers, with high quality products, reliable service and fair pricing (regardless of whether they are members of the association).

Products or services must be sold at affordable and competitive prices. Any discounts or benefits from trade agreements are either re-invested into the cooperative or passed on to the customers. 

We are committed to sell only quality products or services across our ranges. Additionally, each item should be made available in trading hours in all branches nationwide and subject to the terms of fair trade.


Work and Employment Culture

Co-op Israel promotes equality in the workplace, fair employment conditions and the preservation of the environment in which we operate. 

Social responsibility and community involvement create collaborative and rewarding work environments and we are pro-active in promoting gender equality and special needs groups - and seek to develop business relationships with partners who share these practices. 

We believe in a service orientated, professional and friendly family-like approach in order to create a pleasant, supportive work environment which helps our employees develop professionally. 

The practice and values we adopt are summarized in the phrase: 

“We strive to be the best and together we succeed.”
  • We are committed to innovation, development and entrepreneurship as building blocks for advancing our activities. 
  • We view change in the global market - and the organization itself - as an opportunity for growth.
  • We seek to raise the bar we set for ourselves and continue to challenge ourselves to improve. 
  • We undertake to improve and expand our horizons for the benefit of our customers.


Community and Society

Co-op Israel is one of a growing number of companies that follow a sustainable business practice. 

We place an emphasis on fair trade, affordable prices and an environmentally friendly supply chain. We adhere to international standards and the promotion of local products to support the local economy and reduce waste and energy. 

We pledge to effectively deal with business challenges whilst maintaining an awareness of the needs and impact on the communities in which we operate.

We undertake to demonstrate our commitment to the SLA’s which expresses our obligations simply and clearly.