Coop Israel עברית

Vision, Values and Service

The core values of Co-op Israel are led by the vision of the International Cooperative Alliance. 

These values include voluntary membership, democratic management, training and education, caring for the community and nurturing links with other cooperatives and community partners. 
With this in mind, Co-op Israel’s vision was drafted and identifies five challenging areas of activity: 

•The transformation of neighborhood supermarkets from stores to community centers that combine commercial activity and a deeper engagement in the lives of residents.

•Developing the association as a leading and ethical Israeli cooperative.

•To ensure community involvement and social responsibility with ethical and sustainable business practices. 

•Creating an infrastructure that enables positive dialogue with the wider community and relevant stakeholders.

•To continuously develop the business with innovative thinking and operational creativity. 


The realization of this vision is a long term process that requires the full commitment of members, employees and management.

To learn more about these activities here.