Coop Israel עברית

About Coop Israel

Co-op Israel is the leading consumer cooperative in Israel and is the third largest local retail chain in the country, with the most branches of supermarkets in residential neighborhoods, small towns and villages. 

Co-op Israel has approximately 10,000 active members and employs hundreds of workers in over 200 supermarkets that each month attracts more than a million Israelis. 

As a cooperative, Co-op Israel is unique in that it is duty bound to provide benefits to its members and clientele (in contrast to listed corporations whose responsibility lies with their shareholders). 

Co-op Israel is managed by a democratic process with elections every four years. 

As a leading cooperative, Co-op Israel attaches great importance to its active and positive involvement in the ‘cooperative space’. 

This is seen by the activities of the Cooperative Council and other official committees which promote cooperatives in Israel and develop relations with consumer cooperatives around the world.